Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slot Machine, I heart you

Last night I was contemplating just going to bed early but my best friend from High School sent me a txt, a little before ten I believe, saying she had gotten out of work early and that we should go to a Casino. She had never been to a Casino or gambled and so I figured why not. I scrambled to get ready and we were out of the door within 20 minutes! At the Casino we immediately honed in on the 2cent slot machines and pressed spin buttons until our hands were sore. There was live music playing in the background and the whole thing actually resembled a club scene. I'm almost embarassed to say it, but I was expecting tons of RV-driving retirees all in matching golf gear. In my defense, no I do not watch a lot of TV so I'm not sure where this stereotype came from.
We had Dinner at the Casino and sipped at out free sodas all night long. By the end of the night I lost $7 and we agreed that this was the best way to lose money and have a good time doing so..

At one point a guy next to me won $95 on a machine that I had spent ages on; I even dubbed it my "lucky slot machine". Well, thats how it goes..

I am in no way promoting gambling, but I had a great time! :-)

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