Thursday, September 3, 2009

Excuses excuses..

Uh, I suppose its not really necessary for me to state that YES..I sort of fell off of the bandwagon. I was well intentioned! Buuut.. I discovered a pattern. I'd start the day off really well, recording absolutely everything I ate while staying within my point range. Towards the end of the day I'd eventually get a craving for something totally off-the-wall and more often than not I gave in.

I've heard it countless of times from other people and its true for me, the end of the day (evenings) are the toughest part of the day for me. Usually I'm at home at this point, lounging on the couch, perhaps even watching several episodes of CSI.. I'm in complete relaxation mode
and unfortunately my will-power just goes out the door sometimes. What is even worse, when I make last minute plans with friends. I end up in a bar or restaurant and once again, I have zero restraint. Mind you, it doesn't help that my friends are telling me things like "oh, just diet tomorrow" or "tonight doesn't count"! :-/

Every couple of weeks I go to a party and find myself perusing through the pictures the following morning. You know how it is, everyone suddenly turns in to Mr. Photography and the next morning they're up on myspace for absolutely everyone to see. I say this because last night I went to a Birthday party and this morning the host had the pics on-line already. Pictures don't lie! (I mean that in the simplest terms possible, so give me a second to explain)

Here's a picture that's "Anja approved"; I don't mind having people see this one: It's well lit, from the front, doesn't show my lower-half, and that "pompadour" is elongating my face. (ie. slimming it)

Now lets look at a picture from last night:

Ah, were to begin :-o

Pictures like this make me cringe because the first thought that comes to mind is, "so this is how other people see me". I feel like the time I spent on my hair, make-up, accessories, or picking out clothes was a complete waste. And that, to me, is so depressing. I'm a girly-girl at heart! I adore fashion and everything that it entails but my weight won't let me enjoy it. Somewhere along the way I was hoping to make a point, but I've gotten a bit sidetracked.

What I am trying to say is that I am very much BACK on the Bandwagon. I counted all my points today and with 10 points remaining dinner should be a breeze.

Within the last several months I have lost aprroximately 12 pounds but I can't credit Weight Watchers with that little bit of success. I avoided fast food like the plague and eventually the pounds came off. That said, I need to lose about 45 pounds still to reach a truly healthy weight and I am convinced that WW is the way to go for me.

One of my (many) mistakes in the past has been to rewards myself with food. I very much believe in a reward system when it comes to dieting or making major changes that involve restraint or self-control. That said, I want to reward myself with something non-foody. *lol* I'm thinking make-up. (MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox, Make Up For Ever)

I'm thinking if I do good for a week, in regard to points, then I'll "give" myself one make-up item or a set amount of money to spend. I'll keep you all up-dated..