Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy girl..

I rarely cook or sit at the dinner table to have a meal, especially not in the morning. However, this morning I actually made myself breakfast and sat down at the table with my book. Breakfast looked yummy and tasted alright. *lol*

I met up with two girlfriends and we went to a shooting range. One girl knew quite a bit about guns and how to shoot them so she was our instructor! :o) There may be a little bit of irony here, I can already picture some raised brows in regards to an apparent make-up and fashion lover going out to shoot. Lately I've caught myself wanting to know more about cars, planes, guns, and alcohol. I'm not looking for a new hobby or losing interest in any of my current ones, I just have a desire to familiarize myself with things that girls don't necessarily get exposed to..

  • I envy girls that can talk about cars the way that I can prattle on about an eyeshadow. It would also help to not have to rely on a guy's help every time my car has an issue.
  • Planes interest me, but I want to know more about them.
  • Guns, well..I want to be educated about them. Plain and simple.
  • Alcohol, occasionally I drink it but I can not order a drink to save my life.
I must say I had a really good time at the shooting range. An added bonus, the employees all looked like they'd just walked off the pages of GQ, like so:

Uhm, afterwards I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and eventually I met up with another friend at a yogurt shop. Perhaps not the best idea, but a good day none the less..

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  1. I'm terrible with ordering drinks. I drink at friends' houses more than I go out and drink so I'm used to either taking shots or mixing with whatever is in their refrigerators. I don't know drink names at all :D.