Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shame on you Pizza!

It's a funny thing, but whenever I embark on a new diet its as if people around me can sense it and suddenly try to throw hurdles my way. No, I'm not trying to blame others for my failed attempts in the past. I'm simply addressing a pattern of sorts..
  • Suddenly my parents bring me food.
  • I find the most amazing foods in the refrigerator; usually I am the only one that buys groceries or even brings food home.
  • Absolutely everyone suddenly wants to have lunch/dinner dates.
To make a long story short, after coming home from work I found a plate of garlic bread on the counter and several slices of pizza in the fridge. I had done so well up until that point! Mind you, a turkey sandwich for breakfast and strawberries with fat free yogurt during my break along with a handful of almonds. Needless to say, the pizza got to me and I even indulged in some garlic bread.

It hardly makes up for my momentary weakness, but I did make myself go on a 35 min walk around the neighborhood. Tomorrow will be better!

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