Friday, July 24, 2009

Animal Crackers

So I decided that I'm going to jump on the Weight Watcher's Bandwagon. A few years ago my Mom gave me two WW books, for my birthday I believe, and I was a tad bit offended. I have actually received quite a few cook books and the occasional diet book from her, a subtle hint you say? Yes, perhaps.. :-/

Anywho, after perusing several blogs that, for lack of a better word, were utterly inspiring I've decided I want to give it a try. The majority of these blogs were so encouraging because they featured pictures of the most scrumptious meals and snacks and yet all of them were quite healthy and a part of their WW plan.

Sometime this week I'll provide a basic overview of how WW wor
ks, its quite simple but takes some minor research unless you have a friend who can explain the whole thing. :-)

I'm sure you all know that WW works with a point system. Based on your current weight you're allowed a certain number of points per day. It's not nearly as restricting as you may think, because no food is really "off-limits". Moving on, someone with my weight should stay between 22 and 29 points per day. (so says my WW book)

This is what I had today:
1 6 Slices of Turkey
2 Feta Cheese

0 Spinach Leaves
0 Baby Carrots
2 2 Slices of Bread
5 Animal Crackers
9 Chocolate Raisins
3 Rootbeer
6 Lean Cuisine
0 Water

5 Quesadilla
33 Points :- I

The Sandwich was actually my breakfast. My Grandma and I saw "The Ugly Truth" today, that's where the Animal Crackers and Choco Raisins came in. Let me explain the Root beer! I asked for Coke Zero but didn't realize I ended up with Root beer until the movie had already started. As for the Quesadilla, my parent's left it in the fridge and I couldn't help myself. In all honesty, I don't feel too bad about my 33 points. I've got the hang of this who
le point system and was good about writing absolutely everything down on a sticky note. I made myself a really good shopping list and plan on going grocery shopping before work tomorrow.

On a side note, I was invited to join a book club and our first book is "Water for Elephants", something I've been wanting to read for a while now. It's uber-geeky, but I love to read so this book club seems like good fun to me! Anyway, my point..I was eager to get my hands on a box of Animal Crackers because they reminded me of the book.

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