Sunday, July 12, 2009

A little bit better?

I really do not know whats going on here Today I found a new batch of pizza on the kitchen counter! I'm convinced people are conspiring against me, yes that must be it. No, I did not have any pizza but I may have had a small dish of ice cream at work. However, I did make myself go on a 40 min walk today.

Breakfast: Turkey and Havarti between two slices of whole wheat toast.
Lunch: Kashi cereal bar, several almonds, and a nectarine
Dinner: ?
Beverages: Water and 2 cans of coke zero

I still have to go groccery shopping and I'm thinking about trying oatmeal for Dinner. I've never actually made oatmeal but I imagine it being quite yummy with some berries and/or bits of banana.

Looking at what I've had to eat today, it almost looks like I didn't eat enough. If only I could have skipped the ice cream and spread my meals out a bit. I need to start having several smaller meals each day. (ie. 5 or 6)

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