Friday, July 10, 2009

And off we go..

I'm quite sure I'll be focusing on my shallow love of make-up, fashion, and all things girly. I absolutely adore fashion and all it's counterparts but I've come to the conclusion that no matter how much make-up or new clothes I invest in, they simply will not make me feel any better about my weight. I want to stop being that girl at the party thats secretly envious of every other skinny girl there. You know, the ones that don't seem to have a care in the world.

Whether you love fashion or the idea of starting and mainting a healthy lifestyle through better eating habits and exercising, I hope you'll check in from time to time! :o)


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  1. I feel exactly the same, I love being girly but (and this is horrible) I gained like fifteen pounds and feel more insecure than ever about my weight, I can be in the cutest outfit and feel terrible. I don't know if you have a workout plan but if you don't P90X is pretty good, I used to use it (just starting up again) and I saw noticeable results in 3 weeks. You can probably download it off Lime-wire if you're don't want to pay for it, it's pretty expensive.